Water Damage

Water Damage Revealed By Infrared Camera

Water Damage Revealed By Infrared Camera

Water leaks can be major problems. Assessing the situation correctly before any work begins saves both time and money and ALLSERVICE is here to do just that.

Using The FLIR EX300 Infrared Thermal Camera shown below, the ALLSERVICE technicians can easily pinpoint the source of moisture without removing entire walls. Wet building materials will show up differently on the camera screen than dry building materials.

flir-EX300-infrared-cameraProperly extracting the moisture initially to prevent mold and mildew further down the line, is crucial. ALLSERVICE uses the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to extract the water and dehumidify the entire area and we go one step further to assure the home or business owner that the moisture is gone. Again, using the thermal technology, the photo to the left indicates a completely drenched carpet. Looking at the photo on the left, the customer can easily see that all of the pink/purple colors (moisture) are gone.

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